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The Astronomy Group seminars are usually organised every second week during the academic semester.

Time: Wednesday afternoons from 16:00-17:00.

Location: Media Room (E39; go up one floor from the Hicks building main entrance on Hounsfield Road,
enter the Physics and Astronomy department double doors, and turn left almost at the end of
the main corridor into a side corridor [after the lift]; E39 is on your left after the next set of double doors).

Contact: Saida Caballero-Nieves s.caballero@sheffield.ac.uk

Autumn Semester 2014/15

  • 8th Oct 2014

    David Rosario (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)

    Star-formation and nuclear activity in galaxies: A perspective in the era of the Herschel Space Telescope

  • 22nd Oct 2014

    Ben Davies (Liverpool JMU)

    Stellar Behemoths: Red Supergiants Across the Local Universe

  • 5th Nov 2014

    Fabian Schneider (AIfA, Bonn)


  • 12th Nov 2014

    Oliver Lomax (University of Cardiff)

    Star formation in Ophiuchus

  • 26th Nov 2014

    Aprajita Verma (University of Oxford)

    European-Extremely Large Telescope

  • 3rd Dec 2014

    Chris Harrison (University of Durham)

    AGN outflows and feedback across cosmic time

  • 17th Dec 2014

    Ruth Angus (University of Oxford)

    The ages of stars: calibtrating age-rotation relations using asteroseismology

  • 14th Jan 2015

    Andrew Levan (University of Warwick)

    Unveiling the progenitors of short GRBs

  • 28th Jan 2015

    Tim Naylor (University of Exeter)

    The new age scale for pre-main-sequence stars, and its consequences