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Sheffield Astronomy Seminars

Organised by Joachim Bestenlehner and Manu Bernhard

Full Spring semester 2019 (Mar 2019 to Jul 2019)

Dissecting the stellar evolution of massive stars

Norberto Castro (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam, AIP)

27 Mar 2019

15:30 in Hicks LT 6


Galaxies are chemically and dynamically shaped by the will of the most massive stars. Nevertheless, their evolution and formation are poorly understood, uncertainty that propagated to other Astrophysical fields. Comprehensive and systematic analyses are key to understand massive stars evolution, refuting/supporting different theories. Thus, the analysis of around 329 OB stars in the SMC showed the potential of multi-object spectroscopic studies to draw empirical boundaries, that theory must reproduce (Castro et al. 2018). Our current work in NGC2070 (the most luminous star-forming complex in the Local Group) support this approach, determining and spatially mapping ages by VLT-MUSE. Moving the analysis towards distance and low metallicity environments in the Local Group, and even further away (e.g. Zw18 or Mk71), where similar extreme star-forming complexes are hosted, and new pieces in the stellar evolution puzzle are hidden, is essential.

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