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Sheffield Astronomy Seminars

Organised by Claire Esau and Joachim Bestenlehner

Full Spring semester 2018 (Feb 2018 to Sep 2018)

Gas and galaxies at cosmic noon

John Stott (Lancaster)

Wed 23 May 2018

15:30 in Hicks Lecture Theatre 6


The origin of the peak in the star formation rate density of the Universe seen at “cosmic noon” (z=1-3) is one of the outstanding questions in galaxy evolution. To understand it we must study the star-forming regions within galaxies and probe their surrounding gaseous haloes, which ultimately provide the fuel for star formation and keep a record of feedback processes. I will present the results of the KROSS IFU survey, which spatially resolves the gas within galaxies at z=1, and the prospects for the new QSAGE survey, which is studying their circum-galactic medium. KROSS is a major UK-led KMOS GTO survey, which targets the redshifted H-alpha emission in over 500 star-forming galaxies at z=1. This constitutes the largest ever resolved H-alpha survey of distant galaxies. Selecting galaxies from the star-forming "main-sequence", KROSS measures the resolved dynamics, chemistry and star formation in a statistical sample of galaxies. QSAGE is a 96-orbit UK-led HST Large Program to study 1000s of galaxies along the lines-of-sight to 12 QSOs in order to probe their circum-galactic medium. Taken in concert KROSS and QSAGE will provide a deeper understanding of the conditions that drive star formation at cosmic noon.

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