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The Astronomy Group seminars are usually organised every second week during the academic semester.

Time: Wednesday afternoons from 16:00-17:00.

Location: Media Room (E39; go up one floor from the Hicks building main entrance on Hounsfield Road,
enter the Physics and Astronomy department double doors, and turn left almost at the end of
the main corridor into a side corridor [after the lift]; E39 is on your left after the next set of double doors).

Contact: Thijs Kouwenhoven, T.Kouwenhoven@sheffield.ac.uk

Spring Semester 2004

  • Monday 9 February 2004    Extra seminar!!

    Mr. Morten Andersen (AIP, Germany)

    The low-mass stellar content in young massive star clusters

  • Wednesday 11 February 2004

    Dr. Chris Watson (Sheffield)

    Imaging the Cool Stars in Interacting binaries

  • Wednesday 3 March 2004   Change of date due to industrial action!

    Ms. Joanna Hartwell (Birmingham)

    X-ray insights into Dwarf Starburst Galaxies

  • Wednesday 10 March 2004

    Mr. Peter Anders (Göttingen, Germany)

    Evolutionary synthesis: Models and applications

  • Wednesday 24 March 2004

    Dr. Linda Smith (UCL)

    Super Star Clusters and Starburst Galaxies

  • Wednesday 7 April 2004

    Dr. Stephen Smartt (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)

    The progenitor stars of supernovae

  • Wednesday 21 April 2004

    Dr. Alfonso Aragon-Salamanca (Nottingham)

    Making S0 galaxies

  • Wednesday 28 April 2004

    Mr. Edo Noordermeer (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen, Netherlands)

    Rotation curves and dark matter in early-type spiral galaxies

  • Friday 14 May 2004   Seminar room

    Prof. Max Pettini (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)

    Star-forming Galaxies in the Redshift Desert

  • Tuesday 18 May 2004

    Dr. Bob Fosbury (ST-ECF)

    HII regions at high z

  • Wednesday 19 May 2004

    Prof. Johan Knapen (Hertfordshire)

    Fuelling starbursts and AGN

  • Tuesday 25 May 2004 at 16:30   Note unusual day and time!

    Dr. Kieran O'Brien (ESO, Chile)

    Echo tomography of low mass X-ray binaries

  • Wednesday 2 June 2004 POSTPONED

    Dr. René Oudmaijer (Leeds)

    The circumstellar environment of young stars - probing the smallest structures

  • Wednesday 16 June 2004

    Dr. Katherine Inskip (MRAO, Cambridge)

    6C galaxies at redshift 1 - Power isn't everything...