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The Astronomy Group seminars are usually organised every second week during the academic semester.

Time: Wednesday afternoons from 16:00-17:00.

Location: Media Room (E39; go up one floor from the Hicks building main entrance on Hounsfield Road,
enter the Physics and Astronomy department double doors, and turn left almost at the end of
the main corridor into a side corridor [after the lift]; E39 is on your left after the next set of double doors).

Contact: David Hubber, D.Hubber@sheffield.ac.uk

Spring Semester 2010

  • Wednesday 10th February 2010

    Richard de Grijs (University of Sheffield)

    "Achievements and Challenges (in star formation)"

  • Wednesday 17th February 2010

    Richard Parker (University of Sheffield)

    "Star and Planet Formation: Constraints from Cluster Evolution"

  • Wednesday 10th March 2010

    Mark Swinbank (Durham University)

    Galaxies Under the Cosmic Microscope

  • Wednesday 17th March 2010

    Phil Uttley (University of Southampton)

    The 'voice' of the accretion disc in stellar-mass and supermassive black hole systems

  • Wednesday 28th April 2010

    Mike Barlow (UCL)

    Spaceborne infrared and submillimetre observations of supernovae and evolved stars

  • Wednesday 12th May 2010

    Julian Pittard (University of Leeds)

    Colliding Stellar Winds and Eta Carinae

  • Wednesday 19th May 2010

    Anthony Whitworth (University of Cardiff)

    Triggered Star Formation

  • Friday 30th Jul 2010

    Andy Robinson (Rochester Institute of Technology)

    Reflections on Kicked Supermassive Black Holes