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The Astronomy Group seminars are usually organised every second week during the academic semester.

Time: Wednesday afternoons from 15:30-16:30

Location: Media Room (E44; go up one floor from the Hicks building main entrance on Hounsfield Road,
enter the Physics and Astronomy department double doors, and turn left almost at the end of
the main corridor into a side corridor [after the lift]; E44 is on your left after the next set of double doors).

Contact: Marvin Rose m.rose@sheffield.ac.uk and Claire Esau c.esau@sheffield.ac.uk

Spring Semester 2016

  • 3rd Feb 2016

  • 17th Feb 2016

    Ranjan Vasudevan (IoA Cambridge)

    Towards an unbiased picture of black hole accretion in active galaxies

  • 2nd Mar 2016

    Serena Viti (UCL)

    Astrochemistry in star forming regions: how to use molecules as probes of the dense gas

  • 16th Mar 2016

    Ranieri Baldi (Southampton)

    The multi-band properties of low-luminosity radio galaxies in the local Universe

  • 6th Apr 2016

    Martin Elvis (Harvard)

    Quasar Rain: the Inner Structure of Quasars and the Origin of the Broad Emission Line Region

  • 13th Apr 2016

  • 27th Apr 2016

  • 11th May 2016

    Haley Gomez (Cardiff)

    Dusty galaxies and smoking supernovae

  • 25th May 2016

    Ed Daw (Sheffield)

    First direct detection of gravitational waves with LIGO

  • 22nd June 2016

    Rob Jeffries (Keele)

    Young stars and cluster dynamics in the Gaia-ESO survey

  • 6th Jul 2016

    Liam Hardy (Sheffield)

    Commissioning the high-speed imager 'ULTRASPEC' on the 2.4m Thai National Telescope

  • 20th Jul 2016

    Danielle Fenech (UCL)

    First results from the e-MERLIN legacy project COBRaS